Tuscan changes genre

Artist changes the Tuscan into his studio
Artist changes the Tuscan into his studio

The Tuscan, which was a well loved restaurant, has totally changed, as many might have noticed walking past the new art gallery in Lion Street where it once was and where artist David Ridgway has returned to Rye after many years, opening the Peacocke Gallery.

And he has done an amazing job turning the place into a showcase and studio, living in the flat upstairs. His paintings are large and have titles, but he said that each has a personal story behind it – and is another addition to the wealth of art in the town.

He is opening for the first time to the public this Friday, December 11, between 11am and 4pm, and for the two weekends afterwards. His art is very different from what we know in Rye and quite stunning once looked at closely. In part of the downstairs David has also created a separate gallery which he has given over to artists who paint in an another genre – at the moment abstracts by Jonathan Bennett.

During the week he is happy for locals or visitors in town to come to the gallery but by appointment. Anyone interested should contact: peacockegallery@gmail.com or phone 01797 223527/07376 604288.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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