Ukulele Experiment with scallops

Rye Ukulele Experiment at the Queens Head

Tuesday evening at the Queens Head in Rye saw the best turnout ever for the scallop-themed Ukulele night. As well as the usual favourites the band added to their repertoire many sea-shore and fishy songs in keeping with the evening.

Amongst the players were the full Ukulele Orchestra and several first-time performers and during the evening there were special feature spots from the ‘Au Reservoir ‘Jazz trio, ‘The Ukulele Ladies’, ‘Ali Catt’ and ‘Bob and the Good Ole Boys’.

Jonathan and his team at the pub also joined in and supported the Experiment and the audience by serving up plates of delicious scallops sauted in bacon.

Group spokesman, Lorna Hall, said “thanks to all those who came along on the night and for their kind donations to St Michaels Hospice. We love playing to support local festivals and we are honoured to be asked to return each year”.

A note for your diary – The Rye Ukulele Festival 2016 will take place on Sunday 3rd July at the Cinque Ports Inn, Cinque Ports Street. Watch the website for further details.

Photo: Geoff Kempson and Kevin Hall


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