Women and work in photographs

'Women and work' by Susan Benn

Rye Art Gallery in the High Street is planning an interesting exhibition between April 27 and May 12. Curator, Susan Benn said: “Observing women at work in a narrative context is a returning theme throughout her photographic work to date.” She wants to tell visual stories in long form photo journalistic essays, sometimes shot over a period of years by returning to the same place or through exploring unexpected common links between people from different places.

Susan Benn at the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger reserve, South India, 1990

When Susan Benn moved to Rye recently and became a Trustee of the Gallery she discovered a box of the artist Mary Stormont’s photographs in the permanent collection. Mary photographed women on the land and beaches around Rye. This discovery prompted Susan to unpack her own unpublished archive of photographs and both collections inspired her to put on this exhibition.

Also at the Gallery there will be a screening, on May 3 in the Stormont Studio, of “The Silver Footprint”, the art of master printer Robin Bell. It starts at 6pm with a Q&A session at 7pm fronted by Robin. Further details are available from Rye Art Gallery.

Image Credits: Susan Benn .



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