Ian Potter
Rye Town Council candidate


We invited each candidate to supply up to 500 words on why they deserve your vote, optionally including a photograph and a link to an election address. We have published their submissions verbatim, no editorial changes have been made. Any errors are those of the candidate.

I am standing as an independent candidate because I believe that party politics should play no part in Town Council business. I am proud to have been a member of Rye Town Council since May 1999, having been Mayor in 2004-2006. I have also, in past years, served as Chair/Vice Chair of Council committees and or working groups. That said, I am happy that a long-held belief of mine that the number of committees and working groups should be reduced, finally came to pass. This enables all councillors to play a greater part in all aspects of the Council’s work.

I am extremely pleased that a significant number of new candidates are standing for election this year, with most of them likely to be elected. Change is a good thing and will help to keep Rye Town Council ’fresh’; a mix of new and experienced councillors is likely to be a positive thing for the people of Rye.

For those that have paid particular attention to the business of Rye Town Council in recent years, you will note that my attendance at meetings has not been as good as it should have been. This is down to past health issues that have required me to undergo two lots of spinal surgery. I have now turned a corner in terms of my health and can assure you that, as such, my attendance at meetings will improve once again. My absence from meetings has not however prevented me from working closely with the Town Hall and having an opinion on matters facing the Council.

I was born locally and have lived in Rye for nearly all my life. I worked as a self-employed Barrister for approximately 15 years, specialising in criminal law and licensing law. I am currently employed as a Case Examiner for the Nursing and Midwifery Council and predominantly work from home.

I am a great supporter of the Rye Town Steward initiative and will work to see that this important asset for our town continues. I have also supported Rye Town Council’s Discounted Accommodation Scheme. If re-elected I will be committed, as ever, to supporting Rye Town Council to regain control of more local services and facilities; with innovative thinking and planning this should be possible to deliver at little/no extra cost to the people of Rye.

I am one of three Directors of the Rye Amenity Community Interest Company, which has secured the provision of 98 allotment plots in Rye. The Rye Amenity CIC is also proud to have been able to provide a ’home’ to the Rye Community Garden in Love Lane. I am also a Trustee of The Rye Wildflower Meadow Trust, which has just started fundraising work to provide a sizeable native wildflower meadow in Rye. The meadow will not only be an attractive place for locals and visitors, but it will also have many environmental benefits.


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