Flu jab for over 50s

Day Lewis - get your jabs here

I went into Day Lewis chemist this week brandishing a text message from my doctor saying that I should be getting a flu jab this year for the first time as I am in the vulnerable category. The pharmacist told me that in fact this year, everyone over 50 years old is entitled to the vaccine, while stocks last.

I would recommend that people get it if they can, especially if they are planning to mix with others over the festive season. The vaccine is not 100% effective so the more people that have it, the less likely the flu is to spread. No-one wants to have flu, particularly this year. As you would expect it is a quick, efficient and painless process.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. We had our ‘flu jabs several months ago at Day Lewis Pharmacy. It was effortless and straightforward, unlike going to the doctor these days. Let us hope that before long they will also be providing the vaccine.

    On another matter concerning the vaccine. Am I alone in thinking prioritising the teaching profession would enable pupils to get back to school? Surely, that would mean so much to so many children and parents and of course, teachers. I would give up my vaccine to a teacher…

    • … how would doing that stop school children spreading the virus around the broader community, which is the main logic behind the closure of schools?

  2. I’m 78 and totally agree with Pamela’s second paragraph, including her last sentence. Pamela, you are not alone! And I’m being extremely careful. All teachers are at great risk of contracting Covid. Try teaching primary children with a mask on.

  3. Having had the flu jab for the first time several weeks ago at Day Lewis (during a lull in the pandemic) I have to say how well they did it – including advising waiting for a few minutes before standing up and leaving. But the very small room at the front of the shop where the jab was administered, with no windows, is not appropriate with the virus raging. There are, however, many empty and large shops and banks on the high street that could be sequestered for use (for free) as a dedicated vaccinating space. Or even the Library, which could have an indoor on the Mint with an outdoor at the back, creating a safe flow of ‘traffic’. And all administered by the splendid man from Day Lewis who so kindly and carefully stabbed me with the flu vaccine!


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