Footpath blocked

The blocked path

Hi. Interesting about your story on the footpath to Camber. Went for a walk the other day along the footpath at Leasom Lane. When we crossed the field we found the way blocked by white tape across the approach to the gate. See image. Does anyone know if there is any reason for this? Shaun R

[Editor’s note: At this time of the year, with lambing still under way, this could be a farming response to dog walkers not keeping their dogs under control and causing injury or death among the sheep and baby lambs. But it is also very clearly, as your photo shows, a public footpath.

In the Lake District which I have often visited, and on the North Yorkshire Moors where I once lived, farmers and indeed other authorities put up signs during lambing saying “Keep your dogs under control as you could be prosecuted and fined”]

Image Credits: Shaun R .


  1. This has been there for a year or more. I think it’s just to stop the horses straying down to that corner – nothing dreadful.

  2. It may be that the tape was put there for good reason, which is fine, but the problem is it makes you think twice about using the footpath. We ignored it and went ahead anyway. However, I wonder how many people would have just turned back?

    • I reported this to them over a year ago, along with other nearby problems with missing arrows and stiles in poor condition, and absolutely nothing has happened in that time. Apparently because of COVID-19, the department is sending out very few field workers, and those that are sent out are overstretched.

  3. Jane is correct; the same tape has been used considerately to keep the horses off several rabbit warrens etc. in that field. It’s easy to lift one end of the top tape and step over the lower one, but please replace afterwards. Much more of a problem is that one field further on, the path is now completely blocked by oilseed rape that has flopped all over it. There’s no practical way through, as can happen with rape fields. However, the horse meadow with the little taped enclosures is full of flowers and delightful at the moment; but please keep your dog on a lead!


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