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Only last month I wrote an article for Rye News entitled Britannia doesn’t rule the waves not a reference to our sovereignty, but to the Britannia group of hotels (owners of Pontins at Camber Sands) who are currently ‘bottom of the pile’ of accommodation providers, according to a recent survey by the Which consumer group.

It seems Pontins have many concerns to address at a number of their UK sites including Camber Sands, which featured in a national newspaper report where apparently a newly recruited cleaner quit her job after just two days because of what she was asked to do and because of what she witnessed first hand as covered in this report.

The Pontins chalets – caught in a time warp?

Throughout the country, many businesses are using this period of forced closure, due to the coronavirus pandemic, to refurbish, decorate, re-plan or reorganise their businesses or premises. A golden opportunity to get on top of some of the jobs which need doing, but time never allowed for, something positive to strive for and achieve during this prolonged period of negativity and uncertainty.

Foreign travel and holidays abroad will at some point become a reality once again, but many of us are probably thinking about holidaying more locally this year, and UK holiday destinations could prove very popular. Even more reason for venues to make sure that what they are offering is what people want and expect, regardless of whether they are top of the range ‘staycation’ hotels, holiday cottages, bed and breakfast, or budget accommodation.

Surely, there is no logical reason why anyone should expect to endure what some of the guests at Pontins are seemingly expected to accept. Budget holidays are popular and always will be, and the holidaymakers spend money and visit the local area – but, if they stop coming, they will be conspicuous by their absence.

Of course, holiday makers can vote with their feet if they don’t like what they read about, or have experienced personally, and they have the choice to go elsewhere. But Camber Sands as an attraction is like a tourist magnet as we all witnessed during last summer and the punters will come as sure as night follows day, but to expect basic cleanliness is surely a right – not a luxury.

The unmistakable Pontins building in all its technicolour glory.

It seems that local authorities are powerless in encouraging accommodation providers to literally ‘clean up their act’ so the responsibility lies with the owners and management to deliver value for money. It will be interesting to see what investment is made in some of the Britannia group’s portfolio as I doubt they will relish the embarrassment and opportunity of collecting another tainted award from the podium again this year.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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