Time flies, cold arrives


It’s that time of year again – this weekend, at 2am on Sunday, October 27, the clocks go back from Summer Time to GMT (or UTC as everyone else in the world says we should call it).The good news for those that like to sleep in is that you can have an extra hour before sticking the first toe out from under the duvet. The bad news is that it will be getting dark an hour earlier and we have five months of dark evenings before the late afternoon sun finally re-appears next March.

Having depressed readers with that thought, worse is to come as the forecasters predict low temperatures coming as air from the North sweeps down reaching even our Southern shores and brushing aside our long indian summer. Winter is coming but then, it is almost November and we have been lucky so far.

In anticipation of what might be to come, there is now a Cold Alert service in operation from October through to March. Covering the whole of Sussex and designed to help prevent the usual – and often avoidable – deaths and severe illnesses during very cold weather, it is a free service intended primarily for the elderly and vulnerable, however anyone can register.

Now, where did I put the winter woolies…..

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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