Rye taxi driver ‘disgraceful’

Taxis wait - but these are not the one our reader complains about

Dear Sir

We were in Rye to celebrate my husband’s 80th birthday and the hotel arranged for a taxi at 12:15pm to take us to Mermaid Street, where the family and Cinque Port Drummers were assembled and waiting to greet him.

No taxi arrived, despite many calls from the hotel. “Stuck in traffic” was one excuse.
When the driver finally arrived at 12:30pm he told us that he’d had an offer of a more expensive fare to Hastings which he wasn’t going to turn down for a paltry £3-or-so fare, so he had put us on hold. It was disgraceful that he didn’t tell us or arrange another taxi for us.

We have visited Rye twice a year for the past 15 years and found the people lovely. What a pity someone is leaving a nasty taste and causing bad feeling.

It almost ruined what was a very special day. Because of our very late arrival we did not manage to get his number to take the matter up with Rother DC which issues licences to taxis.


Stella Kiddell

Image Credits: Rye News library .


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