Station car park signage

The car park exit

I don’t see the reason for the ‘No Exit’, ‘No Left Turn’ and ‘No Entry’ signs at the east end of the station car park. As a pedestrian I see vehicles arriving and leaving the car park from here, turning left and right, all the time and I can’t see any problem with it. Clearly the signs are ignored a lot of the time. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Image Credits: Tony Roi .


  1. This car park is owned by the Railway. The signs are for level crossing safety. Last year my daughter was fined £90 by British Transport Police for turning in there from Rope Walk to drop off her daughter for school. This is interesting as there are signs at the station entrance to the car park that it is private land. I thought that the Road traffic Act did not apply to private land.

  2. I believe the signs have been there ever since the car park was built many years ago. They are for the safety of car park users. (1) No entry from the eastern end to prevent the many cars coming south along the Grove from using the car park as a rat-run to Station Approach and the A259 west from Rye. (2) No left turn mainly to prevent the many cars going to the Love Lane schools from using the car park as a short-cut but also because the eastern exit is right next to the level crossing. (3) “No exit except coaches” because coaches are too long to turn round in the car park, so they have to leave at the eastern end by turning right into Rope Walk. The signs are clear and not illogical or inconsistent. If motorists choose to ignore the signs, that’s up to them.


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