Camber, the flip side

Sunset at Jurys Gap is spectacular - well worth the wait.

Camber Sands has featured frequently in the local and national media recently, with concerns raised over social distancing, parking restrictions, closed toilet facilities and the annual tourist invasion but, given how stunning the beaches are, you can’t blame people for wanting to come and share them and  – as long as the rules are obeyed – we can all enjoy the spectacle.

When the sunny summer days come to an end the atmosphere in Camber changes dramatically. Come sunset most of the people have disappeared, the car parks are virtually empty, dog walkers have returned home, and there’s not a kite in sight.

The beaches are empty, the tide is out, and the vast expanse of sand is now home only to the flocks of seagulls clearing the beaches of freshly washed up mussels, whelks, crabs and fish.

On Monday, May 25, we walked along the beach at around 8:45pm, and the intention was to witness the magnificent sunset – which didn’t disappoint, and it never does. We could have been on the Mediterranean coastline anywhere. It was peaceful, still and calm and, as well as being rewarded with a stunning sunset (top photo), as the tide was a long way out, the wreck of the fishing boat (see photo below) was really exposed.

The shape of the boat was now clearly visible and to see it so close up and clearly was an unexpected bonus. I couldn’t help wondering how it got there, and about its history – but there’s a story for another day.

The wreck of a fishing boat rises from the sea at low tide.

If you get the opportunity to visit Camber, particularly Jurys Gap, try visiting in the evening, when parking and people are not an issue, as the empty beaches are spectacular and, as for the sunset, well, the photograph does all the talking.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. Not sure where to put this but the RNLI will be providing a limited lifeguard cover on Camber Sands this weekend at their central site.
    There have been incidents over the last few weeks where people have unfortunately lost their lives and the RNLI has been criticised for failing to provide a service.
    Can I just say that keeping your family safe on the beach is your responsibility, your owe it to your children to keep them safe and heed the warnings from RNLI, Coastguards, Beach Wardens and anyone else who is trying to keep you safe but please remember that they are there to help in an emergency, but it’s up to you to ensure they don’t get into trouble in the first place.
    Stay safe and enjoy the water.
    Don’t become a statistic

  2. I am really disappointed that the authorities knowing that this Saturday
    would have a large influx of visitors have decided to totally ignore Camber and Jury’s Gap.
    Parking everywhere, signs warning not to park on verges or places where
    wild flowers grow ignored. If there was a space anywhere people parked and at the end of my lane in Jury’s Gap litter everywhere.

    So where where the police?.
    Not a sign of any enforcement we are on our own down here IGNORED.


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