Here’s to a liquid xmas


This week I’m lusting after Christmas beverages. Hard or soft. I plan on elegantly sipping my way out of an almost year-long period of sobriety with the best drinks I can find. The hunt for these led me to an article on about a drinks scientist (yes, the job exists, and yes I did Google how to become one) who has discovered the perfect way to serve a gin and tonic. Contrary to my friend Lucy’s opinion that “gin is best served while crying on the stairs, neat, from the bottle” science dictates that gin should be served with lots of ice, a slice of mango, and a grind of pepper. Lucy has obviously never tried the latter.

Apart from perfect gin and tonic, I’m hoping to get out and enjoy some of these delicious December drinks, all from Rye:

Knoops hot chocolate with added Christmas spice mix and optional shot of rum or amaretto, £5-£6. I reckon  Knoops, down by Landgate, serves the best hot chocolate in town. Hands down. This guy is the German Willy Wonka of the hot beverage world. I couldn’t get enough of the tequila milkshakes in summer. This is it’s creative Christmas cousin.


Edith’s House spiced apple juice, £2.50, and ginger slices, £2.60. Edith’s House on the High Street is so busy. It’s hard to even get in most weekends and there is a reason. It has a fun atmosphere, and the handbaked cakes are delicious. I’m sad that owners Michael and Eaton and their beloved french bulldog, Roux, have returned to London. They were so much fun and so very nice to look at. But what they’ve left here in Rye is a tea room with the buzz of a bar. Rather unique. Well done guys. We miss you.


The Mermaid’s own-blend mulled wine, £5. Well, it ain’t Christmas without a trip to the Mermaid. Famously old and haunted, a drink by its gigantic fire will make you feel as festive and British as a bulldog in a paper crown.

Olde Worlde Wine’s mulled wine, £3 a glass and there is a 15 per cent Christmas discount on mixed cases of wine for anyone living in TN31 postcode. Olde Worlde, at 56 Cinque Ports Street, is such a little gem. Owner Danny has carefully selected all the stock. Having a drink there feels really special. It is a tiny little space, so it always feels busy, even when it’s just a couple of you there, and Danny is very welcoming. They run events throughout the year. It’s great to see someone my age, who also has a young child, setting up and running a successful business in this town.


On the subject of drinks. It’s Iden Football Club’s annual Xmas drinks in Rye this weekend, and they came up with this amazing night-out theme. Draw names out of a hat, and that person has to go out in an outfit you’ve bought them from a charity shop. I know one lucky footballer has been treated to chinos teamed with a sleeveless Nike hoodie. Lols all round. I’m jealous. It’s going to be fun. Photos please boys.