Schools vie for supermart site


Rye Academy Trust announced on Wednesday [December 10] that it is interested in buying the former Lower School site now that Sainsbury’s and Tesco have given up thoughts of developing it.

In a press release, Jacqui Lait, trust chairman, said: “Rye College building is coming to the end of its natural life. With careful repairs and maintenance it will carry on for many years, but will become increasingly expensive. Additionally, it was designed for a different style of teaching. We need a modern building which will be a positive aide in learning as we have discovered with the layout of the Rye Studio School for the creative industries.”

Ann Cockerham, executive principal, said: “The Lower School site would enable us to build a school fit for purpose, giving Rye College students the facilities they deserve to support their learning. The costs of repairs and maintenance to the current building are becoming burdensome.  An investment in new building would complement the facilities offered by our sister schools (Rye Community Primary School and the Rye Studio School) and enable us to develop a leading edge learning campus in the heart of Rye.”

* See John Howlett