Like a candle in the wind

Plaristo has moved online

In 2011 Christiana West and Silvia and Nick Shinn, started Plaristo in a small basement shop in The Mint and as the business grew an opportunity to relocate to 23 High Street became available, where they offered their range of products including a whole variety of indoor plants, candles, lamps, candleholders, natural yarns and an assortment of complimentary products.

The shop is now empty, the business having moved to their warehouse facility in Rye Harbour where it continues to operate in an online capacity, and it’s business as usual.

The Plaristo wholesale warehouse on Rye Harbour, open for business.

You can see the full product range on their website or you can contact them by email at or by phone (during normal business hours) on 01797 214103. Alternatively you can tweet them on @PlaristoGallery or message them on their Facebook page.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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