Ponies rescued in Rye need help

Undercliff ponies living happily together

It’s always an admirable thing to see private individuals make efforts to alleviate suffering.  If you walk just outside Rye you may notice a couple working very hard in a small paddock, very muddy at this time of year, cleaning up muck, sorting hay, mending fences and building shelter and various other jobs, for a small herd of ponies that look very contented wearing winter rugs.   Their names are Dave Offen and Sharon Baker and they are funding a pony rescue operation entirely from their own pockets.

Dave and Sharon rescue ponies that have been abandoned or, worse, tied up alive and dumped.  Their mission is to rescue as many ponies and horses from neglect and mistreatment as possible.

Enjoying their hay

Dave explained that many pony owners find themselves unable to support the cost of caring for a pony, for whatever reason, and the prohibitive cost of care such as feed, vets and blacksmith bills cannot be met.  The animals are then abandoned as they have no monetary value.   Dave and Sharon have rescued all their ponies personally at their own expense.  They see notices on FaceBook or other websites or are contacted directly and told of an abandoned animal somewhere in Kent of Sussex.  They have had to rescue ponies in very poor conditions and sometimes victims of serious cruelty.

The ponies are VERY well cared for. They are fed twice per day, they have water, they have hay (when necessary), the vet and farrier when required, and most of all they have love, patience, understanding and interaction with their owners and happily live in a small herd with each other.

The cost of the feed, bedding, rent of the paddock and vet and farrier bills makes life difficult for Dave and Sharon and they could do with a little help. If you can help in any way, no matter how small, please give at  https://undercliffponyrescue.uk/

Image Credits: Dave Offen .


  1. Thank you for the lovely write-up Mags, and tbank you to everyone who has donated.

    The farrier has been down to check the boys’ feet over, and all good, in spite of the last wet spell.

    And Larry delivered a couple of rounds of hay today that will keep the boys occupied for a little while!

    Hope the lovely weather holds out for a while so the field can dry up a bit!

    Thanks again for your support.

    Dave and Sharon


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