10,000 not out


Sometime last week, Rye News reached a considerable milestone in its history. The publication of its 10,000th story.

How do you mark 10,000 articles? We could have highlighted the first article; followed by the 1,000th, and perhaps the 5,000th. But perhaps it is most pertinent to thank people.

A lot of people.

As one of the founding fathers of this publication once wrote, “This is a people’s paper. It is here because of volunteers. It is about people caring enough about their community to write about it, to photograph it, and to publish it.”

So, a massive “thank you” to all the writers, authors, photographers, and other contributors who worked to create those 10,000 articles.

More thanks must go to all the story tipsters, that massive support from the Rye and Rother communities, who are the eyes and ears on our patch, sending in story tips because, they tell us, they trust Rye News to report the story honestly.

Rye News has always been a place where locals can voice their opinions about what is happening in their area. While we have always invited people to write “opinion” pieces for publication, one of the things we’re proudest of, is the sheer number of comments received from readers across the vast array of subjects our 10,000 stories have covered.

Currently, over 8,000 comments show how connected the community is to Rye News. These comments display both the interest and commitment our readers have, not just to this publication, but more importantly, to their town, villages, and communities.  Long may this continue.

In a future that is already bringing us challenges and opportunities to explore better, more innovative ways of bringing news and features to the people of East Sussex, we look forward to running up the next 10,000 stories.

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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