A bad advert


A month after Rye News highlighted the state of the billboard on Wish Street, it’s been revealed the site’s owner is one of the UK’s biggest media companies.

Global run Classic FM, Heart, LBC, and many other radio stations, alongside their advertising hoarding business.

The board on the main route into the town centre has been in a dilapidated state for many months. There’s peeling paint and rotting wood, plus large sections of the support appear missing. A note saying work to repair the site is about to begin has now been pinned up, but there’s no timetable as to when this will be happen. A spokeswoman for Global was unable to confirm when the work will start, or why the hoarding has been allowed to fall into its current state.

Global, which has its headquarters in London’s Leicester Square, describes itself as the UK and Europe’s largest radio and outdoor company. It’s a hugely profitable company, and its radio stations reach 25 million people a week.

Image Credits: James Stewart .

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  1. Form a “Flash Mob” to call in to LBC, demanding action, Nick Ferrari and James O’Brien in the morning especially. They will of course announce callers from Rye… in Kent!

  2. This board isn’t being repaired because of Rye News. A resident in Rye has been on to Global for ages about this. It’s only after the resident contacted Rye Town Council, who referred it to East Sussex Building Control as dangerous, that anything is being done about it. Apparently going to be sorted out next week.


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