Appeal over suspect cladding


Last week Rye News reported on cladding which had fallen off a house in Valley Park in Rye, and residents there are now being asked if there have been any other similar incidents.

As the development is set in a park, residents pay for its upkeep through an assocation (Valley Park Estate Ltd) which is shortly to hold its Annual General Meeting.

In its newsletter the association says “it has been brought to our attention that several properties have had problems with bits of exterior cladding and/or interior coving falling down.

“This could obviously be quite dangerous and cause damage to people and property. The coving problem seems to be mostly on property in Vidler Square and parts of Peacocke Way.

“Please check your cladding and coving and report to us ( if there is any sign of trouble that needs to be investigated.

“Jenners (the builders) say that they are only aware of two isolated incidents of cladding coming off so if the problem is more widespread than that we need to bring this to their attention urgently”.

The householder affected by last week’s incident believes there have been at least seven cases and the problem arises because cladding has been nailed in, rather than screwed.

[Editor’s note: I live in Valley Park, but my tiny terrace was built the year the banks collapsed and has no cladding on the outside, though there is coving inside. However my garage is separate and built under a bungalow, and the garage roof is leaking – which has apparently affected the next door garage too.]

Image Credits: J. Minter .

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  1. Unless Rye News is turning into The Sun, can you please refrain from using the word ‘invasion’ in this context, which can be defined as meaning: ‘The act of invading, especially the entrance of an armed force into a territory to conquer’. I doubt that happened.

  2. I’m a bit confused, are you saying the travellers have something to do with the cladding issue? If not it just looks like an attempt to make news where it doesn’t exist.

  3. Its quite insulting isn’t it to publish in the terms you have an article about a piece of cladding falling of a house when we have just witnessed a real catastrophe in Lebanon. The “householder” should address this as any sensible person would; I am unaware of any child, adult or animal having been hit, maimed or killed by falling cladding in Valley Park, Watchbell Street or Tilling Green but I am quite aware that hundreds of people have been killed and thousands of people have been injured and maimed by the events in Lebanon. It is disappointing that RN seems to be supporting this hysteria.

  4. Well.
    I have lived here for eight years.
    Every resident I know says that the houses here are finished to a high standard.

    There is no evidence to the contrary.

  5. The editors comments that some houses do not have cladding because of a financial collapse of the banks might be a bit misleading, my daughter lives in one of the first flats built on the site and is built of brick as are many others on the site.
    I thought the idea was that some were built of brick and others clad so as to give a bit of variety to the development.
    Perhaps I’ve got it wrong though.

  6. The house he bought was built well after the last recession. The planning at Rother required a mixture of brick and cladding.

    Bearing in mind,the extreme winds Rye suffers and how much cladding there is at Valley park, I am surprised there has not been more slippage.

    Yes. There are far more disasters in the world. It’s not the end of the earth!


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