Bike crash spotlight on traffic


Traffic issues, and not just parking, feature frequently on Rye Town Council agendas – and came up again this week, when councillors were looking at a “wish list” for actions to be taken in the town over the new council’s lifetime, following the May elections.

Traffic tailbacks are all too common in summer months, but various past plans for a bypass and new roads have never got very far (partly because of local areas of outstanding natural beauty or special scientific interest, but  also because of obstacles such as local rivers, ancient cliffs and the railway line) and traffic congestion is a factor that has to be considered when any local developments, particularly housing, are considered.

However, traffic possibly going too fast, as well as traffic not moving at all, is also an issue. Another weekend accident involving motorcycles has occurred on the A259 bringing other traffic to a halt – and resulting in the emergency services rushing to the scene. The accident on the Folkestone Road at East Guldeford happened after two motorcycles and a car were involved in a collision at Sunday lunchtime earlier this month.

The car, a blue Mazda, driven by a 67-year-old man from Eastbourne, had slowed for farm traffic ahead, as had a blue Suzuki motorcycle ridden by a 43-year-old man from Margate, Kent. But a green Kawasaki ridden by a 41-year-old man from Margate, with a 42-year-old woman riding pillion, then collided with the vehicles ahead, sustaining minor injuries. However, the Suzuki rider suffered chest injuries, for which he was treated at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford. All the motorcyclists were part of a convoy and traffic delays resulted while the scene was cleared.

Rye residents concerned about the speed of vehicles on the A259 coming into town have been discussing setting up a Speedwatch, and recent lengthy roadworks and traffic diversions on the Peasmarsh Road also led to concerns being raised about speeding on Military Road into town and parking problems, particularly near the Globe (pictured above).

In the centre of Rye outside the George Hotel the loading bay, to relieve congestion in that area, is still in its experimental stage, and Rye Community Transport drivers often remind other drivers that it is a loading bay for temporary use – and not a parking space. Traffic and parking issues are therefore expected to feature prominently in Rye’s Neighbourhood Plan which is being updated and checked out, before a final version can be voted on in a local referendum. [Additional information: Sussex Police]

Photo : Ray Prewer

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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