Cadets prepare to return

Physical distancing for the cadets

As lockdown measures continue to gradually ease across England, we have been given permission to move to the next stage of getting prepared for the return of our cadets to the Sea Cadet unit.

Ours is a unique building, being one of the old ship yard buildings in an earlier life. This history and uniqueness now throws up extra challenges! We have had to cover some of the exposed beams temporarily as this is just to ease the cleaning – wiping down every beam would certainly not be practical!

We also have to space people out to maintain a social distance between everyone, this in itself will throw up its own challenges going forward, something we will have to deal with as we work our way forward.

We are very lucky to have a large amount of outside space available to us which we will use when we get back to face to face training, weather permitting. Here’s hoping for a long summer followed by a pleasant early autumn!

We will be starting off working on team building exercises, at a safe distance of course, as it is going to be important to get our cadets working together again, as some of them may not have seen many people since leaving school.

We can’t yet give a firm opening date, but are working hard to get all of the relevant paperwork in place to get everyone back in as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming our cadets back and keeping you all updated with what they are doing.

Image Credits: Phil Whiteman .


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