Cameras roll again

The star takes a break
The star takes a break

Once again, the film cameras cannot resist the appeal of our town. Occupying the loading bay outside the George on Tuesday morning was a large mobile film truck, with the usual scene of the film crew around it trying to look as if they were about to be busy. On hearing of their presence your reporter was off hot foot to interview the stars.

So who was here? Brad Pitt perhaps or maybe George Clooney again (we know he loves Rye)? Or were we about to see something more home-grown – a further episode of Mapp and Lucia?

But, sadly, no, none of those. This time it was the turn of a sophisticated and incredibly nonchalant child star, who declined to give her name or provide an autograph (what a shame – might have been worth a fortune in 20 years time). All of two years old and, one suspects, accustomed already to the rigours of the film industry (sometimes described as hours of boredom followed by a few minutes of frantic inactivity), she was clearly ready for her starring role in what was, in fact, a new advertisement for Mothercare.

Well, it may not have been 21st Century Fox or Steven Spielberg on this occasion, but it demonstrates that, even for smaller productions, Rye can still pull them in, and for a town whose continued existence depends very largely on visitors and tourism, this is no bad thing.

Photos: John Minter

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