Car chase ended here


Around midnight on Tuesday August 23, a car crashed into a house in Ferry Road, Rye. Andy Willis, his partner and two young daughters, were fortunately upstairs and unhurt as the car hurtled on its side through the downstairs window and into the room, demolishing half the frontage.

Demolished bollard and frontage at Ferry Road
Demolished bollard and frontage at Ferry Road

The police were quickly on the scene, according to Andy Willis, having pursued the vehicle from Camber. At Skinners roundabout apparently, it had turned right and then left up Landgate, into Tower Street and along Cinque Ports Street before colliding with the bollard on the triangle and flipping over. The condition of the driver is unknown at the time of going to press.

In a separate incident earlier in the day, emergency services were called to Fishmarket Road, Rye at around 5:05pm on following a three vehicle collision. There were no serious injuries reported. The road was blocked for recovery work but reopened at around 8pm.


Photos: Kenneth Bird and Vinga Luccia

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