It’s a case of bin and gone


It is more than four months since Rye News reported the overflowing rubbish bin at the Rope Walk end of the station car-park.

Since then, it fell apart, was removed and never replaced. Our correspondent Chris McGrath notes that some people are still using the site as though the bin was still there. Is there any chance, he asks, that a gull-proof bin can be provided at the east end of the station car park to help solve the litter problem, not entirely caused by school pupils?

Rye Town Council Clerk, Richard Farhall, recalls that it was sponsored by Rye in Bloom on the basis that Rother District Council (RDC) had accepted responsibility for emptying it. RDC may argue that it did not accept responsibility for the bin’s maintenance – in which case, it may not be intending to replace the bin with one of its own. In the past, says Richard Farhall,  the Town Council has offered to fund additional litter or dog waste bins if RDC empties them. These offers have been declined because RDC will not accept the revenue (emptying) cost.

Nevertheless, he has undertaken to ask RDC if it intends to replace the bin.

Photos: Kenneth Bird and Chris McGrath

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