Charity to lose their shop


The Rye Community Charity (RCC) moved into premises in Wish Street in April 2013 , owned by the Activities, Respite, Rehabilitation, Care Centres (ARRCC) charity. The agreement, according to RCC, was that it would run the shop with volunteers and it would split any profits 50/50 with ARRCC,  writes Ray Prewer.

The charity was able to give £20k to local groups in just over two years and this worked well until last month when RCC says that ARRCC gave the charity notice to quit the shop on September 30, as the notice in the shop’s window (pictured above) says. The RCC committee are having a meeting this week to see where it can go now. If anyone out there knows of a possible shop, you can contact the charity via Rye News.

Photo: Ray Prewer

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