Climate rebels block roads


Local members of environmental group Extinction Rebellion (XR) are carrying out road blocking actions in locations around town on Friday, September 20. The protesters aim is to raise awareness of the climate catastrophe that they believe threatens the survival of life on the planet.

The action follows another public meeting held at St Mary’s centre on Thursday, September 12. This was a rerun of an earlier “Heading for Extinction” talk at the George in July, which was oversubscribed. The second meeting attracted a lot of new faces including people from the villages around Rye, London and even Sweden.

XR Rye meet most weeks. After the Rye “swarm” the group intends to participate in other regional, national and international events including in London from October 7.

For more information about XR Rye, visit their Facebook page.

Image Credits: Seana Lanigan .

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  1. It would be interesting to know how the people from Sweden and London travelled to the meeting. I presume they walked or cycled to save the planet !?!


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