College students voice concerns

This article is written by the students of Rye College to inform the public about current events happening at our school, focusing mainly on some issues students are addressing whilst they are in education, but also just some information about the current events going on at the school.

Rye College’s Political Debating Club (PDC) was invited to attend a mock debating session, kindly organised and assisted by Rye Town Council and its members, who gave up their time and aided the young debaters throughout the debate, teaching them how to properly formulate an argument and a response whilst maintaining proper Town Council Guidelines.

Subjects such as changing the voting system to “Vote 16” (where persons of 16 years are able to vote) and proposed by our Youth Parliament member Damian Cosgrove, running the Duke of Edinburgh Award and introducing Lifeskills and PSHE to the Rye College curriculum were discussed. These focused on the practicality of running them and their funding. There was a majority in favour of all three key motions.

The PDC and the Student Council at Rye College are currently working closely together to formulate new ideas and improvements to the school. One such improvement is the introduction of a paper recycling scheme, where the school is able to obtain funding from recycling waste paper. This would both aid the environment and also turn over a steady supply of funding into the Student Councils pot for new and much needed improvements, including school trips. This scheme is currently being organised and a lot of work is underway to get it up and running.

This is one of many Green Energy projects going on in the Rye Academy Trust. The Studio school has just fitted new solar panels on its roof. It’s daily and monthly output is now projected around Rye College and the Studio school to inform the students of the money and energy saved by both the solar panels, and other ongoing projects in the Trust.

These energy saving schemes are very welcome at this present time, as the Government has now released news that there will be cuts to our education system, across lots of different schools.




Photo|: courtesy of Rye College

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  1. Thanks Jayden, for giving Ryers some idea of activities and projects at Rye College and the Studio School. Nice to hear of Rye Town Council’s input to the Debating Club and the kinds of topics being debated, and I’m sure other Ryers are also impressed with the thought and work you are all putting in to school improvement and environmental projects. Now if only the government could match your energy and invest properly in education!

    With all good wishes.


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