Community service recognised by Number 10


On March 28, Colonel Anthony Kimber received recognition from Rishi Sunak at Number 10 Downing Street for his services to the community of Rye and district.

He was among those from across the country invited to a reception at Downing Street. The “community champions” programme was created to celebrate community members who volunteer to promote health and wellbeing or improve conditions in their local community.

Anthony explained: “It was an unexpected recognition which came completely out of the blue. Initially I thought it was a scam, as the email from Number 10 was just one line! When I checked, I was assured that it was genuine!

“Having worked on three occasions in MOD Whitehall, I have visited most buildings there but never Number 10.

“The reception was for ‘community champions’. People came from all over UK and all had made a voluntary contribution in their communities. In my case it was my work with the Covid vaccination centre, neighbourhood plan, Homes for Ukraine, the RBL and Friends of St Mary’s.

“All the guests were hosted by their MPs. In my case Sally-Ann Hart was on hand. One or two MPs I met remarked that they had never been inside Number 10 before. We all went up the famous staircase to a reception in the first floor rooms of Number 10, and afterwards we had photographs taken and a short greeting from the PM. Whilst inside, my wife Elizabeth was invited into the forecourt by the armed police, where we were photographed together in front of the famous door.”

Anthony and Elizabeth Kimber

Image Credits: 10 Downing Street .

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  1. Congratulations and thank you, Anthony and Elizabeth; this is recognition so well deserved. Rye is very fortunate to have a couple so capable, so energetic and so motivated for community benefit.

  2. Congratulation Anthony. Having worked with you over the years, your record of working for Rye and the parishes around shows this recognition is so deserved.

  3. Many congratulations Anthony. This is so well deserved. Delighted that all your hard work for Rye has been recognised.

  4. I should like to add my comment that Anthony has always had my admiration for his hard work in Rye for so many years. Well deserved indeed.

  5. Very many congratulations to you both. Very well earned recognition for great contribution to the community over so many years. We are so lucky to have people like you.

  6. I have to agree with the many congratulations coming to Col & Mrs Kimber. Anthony has worked tireslessly for the good of Rye in many ways, supported by Elizabeth. I worked with him on the formation of the Rye Neighbourhood Plan and was honouredwhen as Mayor I was invited to lay a wreath at the Menin Gate when he organised a Royal British Legion trip to the WW1 trenches. Good show both.


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