Drugs farm raided

Part of the cannabis crop

13 certainly proved an unlucky number for at least one local entrepreneur when his horticultural enterprise was brought to a halt on April 13 following a police raid on his premises.

Nothing wrong with horticulture of course, except when it happens to include 94 cannabis plants.

Some of the 94 plants

So far, the police have only issued a brief statement saying that the plants had been removed for destruction and “one green-fingered planter arrested and released under investigation.” The precise location has not been given.

It is, of course, possible to grow cannabis under a strict licence for research purposes as it is claimed to have beneficial effects on certain medical conditions. In view of the nature of this incident, however, it would appear that this individual probably did not have medical research as a top priority when setting about his enterprise.

The last known case of a raid on a local cannabis producer was in 2016 when raids on a hotel in the High Street and a block of flats in Udimore Road put an end to another potential producer’s enterprise.

Image Credits: Sussex Police and Twitter .


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