Extending the vaccination programme

Rye vaccination volunteers

Against a backdrop of steadily rising Covid cases there are concerns about a (4th) winter wave. This could be fuelled by the return to school and college by the under 18s and by adults getting back to pre-Covid type socialising, particularly indoors, as the weather becomes colder.

Two possible extensions to the vaccine rollout are being considered: booster jabs for the vulnerable, and jabs for the 12 to 15 age group. As we move into September, neither programmes have yet been approved by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) because it is still studying the data. It is thought that final decisions may not come for at least a week.

Who will get the Covid booster vaccine?
As and when it is approved, the booster jabs could come in two phases.

Phase one could provide a third dose for those with suppressed immunity and extremely vulnerable over 16s; care home residents; frontline health and care workers; and all over-70s.

Phase two could see jabs for all over 50s, plus all over 16s in a flu or Covid risk group, and any adults who share their home with an immunity suppressed person.

It is still not known when the rollout will begin, or whether people will be able to “mix and match” different types of jab.

Children aged 12 to 15
Currently, all 16 and 17 year-olds are being offered a vaccine. In Rye we have seen hundreds come through, including during the bank holiday weekend.

At present those aged 12 to 15 are only being offered a jab if they are in certain groups, for instance if they are clinically vulnerable to Covid, or live with adults who are at risk of serious illness. The Rye centre is not involved with delivery to under 16s. NHS England has been preparing a “school-based” vaccine rollout for this younger age group “as soon as possible”. It is reported that children aged 12 to 15 would need family permission. The Department of Health and Social Care says it would happen from “mid-September” but only if the JCVI approves.

Rye vaccination centre needs more volunteers
The Rye centre is nearing the delivery of 10,000 doses of vaccine in the three months since it opened in late May. However to keep going we do need some more volunteers to act as stewards. Full briefing and equipment is provided. If you can give any time then please contact us directly at the Rye Tilling Green Centre, via Facebook @ryepfizer or via Rye News.

Following a recommendation on September 1 from the JCVI, the NHS will now provide third doses for those aged 12 and up who have severely compromised or suppressed immune systems at a time decided by their clinicians.

This should be handed by GPs and might not impact on the Rye centre.

Image Credits: Anthony Kimber .


  1. From Colonel Anthony Kimber REACT

    It has just been announced that the government’s vaccine advisers have decided NOT to approve Covid jabs for healthy children aged between 12 and 15, saying the health benefits are too marginal to make a definitive decision. Further research will be completed on the wider impacts of vaccinating 12 to 17 year olds before making further decisions.

    However children in this age bracket who have underlying health conditions or live with someone who is very vulnerable, WILL be vaccinated. The process is as yet unclear but it might be through GP surgeries. The Rye Vax Centre will probably not deliver to this category.


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