Flooding can be a health risk!

Post event sewage spillage on the Strand

Extreme rainfall events are more frequent with anything between 50 and 70mm falling in 12 hours.  There are spots around Rye where surface water “pools” after downpours because the drains cannot cope: Mason Rd,  places on Tilling Green; Strand Quay; The Grove; Military Rd and North Salts.

Across Rye surface water enters the sewerage system, causing  “overload” and spillage.  Therefore surface flood water can contain raw sewage!  Post event,  it is clear to see the tell tale signs of sewage spillage in places like the  NW Strand Quay (around drain cover bottom left of picture).

REACT has contributed to a recent study for ESCC and eventually improvement work is expected by the responsible agencies. As always funding is used as a reason to delay remedial work but we continue to press for higher priority action.

REACT is Rye Emergency Action Community Team: volunteers from across the Community

Anthony Kimber


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