Flower and veg show funds garden


ARRCC (Activities, Respite, Rehabilitation Care Centre) has received a generous donation of £80 from the Rye Allotment Society. The donation was from the funds raised at the Rye Flower and Vegetable Show last summer. From the left: Sarah Peters, Head Gardener and ARRCC Trustee, Helena Hudd from the Rye Allotment Society, Kerry Phillips, Assistant Gardener and ARRCC Member. The money will go towards Kerry’s special 2017 project to make  a “Canticle Garden”, which will be available for everyone at the Rye Creative Centre to either admire, or sit, meditate and relax in. Kerry with Sarah’s assistance has been planning  this project for some time and if anyone has any advice or help to give it would be most welcome.



Photo: Irna Mortlock

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