Foodbank worries

Foodbank volunteers, (l to r) Bob Harper. John Gurney, Tim Ruck and Tomris Atabay with fresh supplies assembled
Storage bins at the Methodist Church show supplies are running low

The economic jitters suddenly sweeping across Europe are not missing Rye. Average weekly demand on our foodbank has almost tripled during the last three months. We are regularly getting to the bottom of our storage bins and for that matter our bank balance.

The situation is becoming urgent and unless further help arrives soon, we will have to cut down on the support we now manage to give to the hard-pressed among us.

If you can help please get in touch with me, John Gurney, on 01797 222442 or by email .

Cheques are welcome and these should be made payable to RYE FOODBANK and sent to me at Watchbell Corner, Traders Passage, Rye TN31 7EX

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. This should be an article about food banks, not another EU promo!
    “Economic jitters suddenly sweeping across Europe”? Do you really think that local peoples food poverty is linked to the economy of say Spain or Poland?! The reason there has been a 52% rise in food bank uptake in the RDC area is directly linked to the roll out of the disastrous Universal Credit Policy, as recently acknowledged by Amber Rudd.


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