Free travel plan extended

From left: Hugh Loy, Stagecoach Hastings Operations Manager, Amber Rudd MP, Tracy Dighton, Chief Officer for Citizens Advice and Paul Flanagan from Citizens Advice 1066.

After an initial three-month trial period to offer free travel to vulnerable residents needing to access a foodbank travelling from the Citizens Advice Bureau to the King’s Centre, Stagecoach, working closely with local MP, Amber Rudd, has made the decision to extend the trial to a full year.

Rye resident, Tracy Dighton, Chief Officer for Citizen Advice 1066, said: “On behalf of our clients, Citizens Advice 1066 wants to thank Stagecoach South East for providing free bus travel to the Food Bank for people issued with a food voucher. The £4.80 needed for the return journey is more than many people in this position can afford so it makes a real difference.”

Paul Flanagan from Citizens Advice 1066 commented: “Citizens Advice 1066 is grateful to Stagecoach South East for their support in providing free return bus travel for those clients issued with a food voucher, who without this financial assistance would have difficulty getting from our bureau to the foodbank. This initiative demonstrates how working in partnership with a local service provider resolves a financial problem accessing a much needed service.”

Stagecoach Operations Manager, Hugh Loy, said: “We’re pleased to be working with Citizens Advice in St Leonards to provide free bus travel to the Hastings food bank for those in need. As a service provider at the heart of the community we’re ready to help out, especially when things get tough for working families.”

Ms Rudd commented: “I was delighted to meet with members of staff from Stagecoach and Citizens Advice to discuss this fantastic new incentive and to thank Stagecoach for its very positive response. It is great to see Citizens Advice and Stagecoach working together to provide free bus travel to the Hastings food bank. I believe this is a great service for those most in need.”


Image Credits: Tristan Hopper .


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