Fresh scam alert

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Police visited homes in the Rock Channel area last Thursday, August 19, after an elderly resident was targeted with an attempt to con him into parting with his savings. Fortunately for him, an alert member of staff at the Nationwide Bank was so concerned at his request to withdraw the sum of £2,000, that they notified the police of a possible scam. It is also the bank’s policy to require ID documents for withdrawals above a certain amount.

One caring neighbour was able to provide the police with helpful information. He checks regularly with the resident to make sure of his welfare and on his last visit on Tuesday had noticed a letter on the side. It had been personally addressed and hand-delivered by DHL courier service. He had quickly glanced at the contents and read an invitation to engage consultancy services in connection with asset valuation or investment advice, with an upfront fee of £2,000. He recognised this immediately as a bogus advisory scheme and recommended binning it.

Window card (front)

The old man evidently rejected this advice, hence his visit to the bank. The neighbour saw him leaving his house on Thursday morning and casually asked him where he was going. On being told, he remarked: “Nothing to do with that letter you received?” The old man would not answer and went on his way.

The police response was commendably fast. Having interviewed the resident, they took possession of the letter and spoke with immediate neighbours. The letter may be subject to forensic examination and referral to the National Crime Agency. Before leaving, the police distributed a number of scam-warning cards to neighbouring properties.

Image Credits: Sussex Police .


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