George scaffolding goes higher

Work proceeds on the scaffolding

The observant among you (and certainly the residents of Lion Street, and anyone walking along the High Street yesterday, Thursday) may have noticed that a lot of work is taking place on creating a temporary roof structure over The George hotel after last summer’s fire, and therefore little evidence yet of what scaffolding will be removed or when from either Lion Street or the High Street.

The original licence from East Sussex County Council’s (ESCC) Highways Department permitted the scaffolding to remain in Lion Street until this weekend (February 22) and, while the amount of work still to be done suggests that it is unlikely that it will all be cleared by then, it is far from clear when it will be removed.

The contractors need to be in clear and regular communication with both Rother District Council’s Planning Department and ESCC as the work progresses, and that may not always be in line with what is planned or problems (including the weather) that occur on route.

The George was substantially damaged in the summer fire and has been, and is still,  exposed to the weather and there may be limits on how much the historic walls can currently support without scaffolding.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .



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