Good Friday Walk of Witness


Some 40 to 50 people gathered on Good Friday at 12 noon outside the Methodist church building in Church Square. They were there at the start of a walk to accompany, in procession, the bearer of a wooden cross through the town, in remembrance of Jesus’ last journey to his crucifixion on Mount Calvary.

Martin Wimbush read first a passage from St Luke’s gospel, introducing and setting the scene for a re-enactment of Christ’s interrogation by the state and religious authorities leading to his condemnation to death.

We sang a hymn, unfurled the banner and charged the willing bearer, Nizam Mohammed, to carry the cross. Then we set off following the cross and Revd Paul White, sounding the solemn drumbeat at every fourth step. Passing down to the High Street and into The Mint, we came to the Strand, watched by many curious and not so curious passers-by. Another stand, another hymn, and then on we walked behind the cross and the ever-resounding drumbeat to the final assembly point on Station Approach. It was a moving experience.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird , Sandra Lanigan .

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