Help keep the streets safe


Rye and District Street Pastors will be holding a fund raising fete this Saturday August 6, at 11 High Street between 10.00am and 3pm. The organisation is looking to raise £3000 to train ten new Street Pastors. This group of volunteers patrol the streets of Rye and Camber every other weekend, late at night, in order to help out people in need.

The Street Pastors are spiritually supported by Prayer Pastors who are based in the Baptist church on Cinque Ports street. Ideally the group would like to operate every weekend, but to do that more funds and volunteers are needed.

The Pastors also need help to cover the annual service and tax costs of its “Godmobile”, donated by Sussex police.

Come along on Saturday to support the Pastors, ask questions about it to the other volunteers and  enjoy the stalls and refreshments in Rae Festing’s beautiful (and busy) garden.



Photo: Rye News library

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