Hi-viz visitors arrive and lurk


It’s probably just a coincidence but, whilst walking in Rye Harbour this morning, (Wednesday, July 1) I passed a group of four people in hi-viz jackets. Nothing unusual, I thought, probably something to do with the council or Highways Agency, but they were having a good, but discreet, look around the harbour which is when I noticed they were from the UK Border Force. I carried on and kept out of their way before driving back to Rye.

The Border Force talking to the locals.

I parked in the cattle market car park as usual when I noticed a silver unmarked van parked up outside the railway station. Again nothing unusual there, except for the fact that its occupants were also donning hi-viz vests, but this time worn by a group of officials, possibly HM Customs and Excise or Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

Further along, and also parked in the station carpark, was a black unmarked police vehicle, again occupied by four more PCSOs or officials who appeared to be there for the long haul, enjoying their sandwiches as they waited – but for what?

An unmarked police vehicle, ready and waiting
Police enjoying a quick sandwich whilst waiting

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. Editor’s comment :
    Thursday’s lunchtime TV news (July 2) announced a major multi-agency operation to disrupt criminal networks smuggling guns and drugs into this country involving, apparently, over 700 arrests. This local activity may, or may not, have been part of that, and more information may not be available until individuals are charged or appear in court.
    Smuggling is however not an unknown activity in this part of the world as a large noticeboard on the wall of The Ship Inn on Strand Quay in Rye announces and at the time the Royal Navy had to use considerable resources to address the problem.

  2. Border force are a common sight in the area and are probably more interested in the human traffic that occasionally lands in around here.
    As an aside I’m sure they will appreciate your photo of their truck complete with number plate.

  3. Thanks for your observation and comment Tony but I would have thought that their distinctive glow in the dark, hi viz jackets with their departmental name on the back of all four jackets would be more of a give away, especially as they walked over to Jempsons in them to get something to eat.

  4. I agree Nick, but like the unmarked police cars they’re always crewed by men and women in uniform and to use your observation they tend to lurk in shady places.


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