How has Covid affected you?

Rye's Ferry Road Health Centre before Covid arrived - and life changed

The NHS and local authorities in Sussex would like to know about your experiences of health and care during the Covid-19 pandemic, so that they can improve the way services are provided in the future.

Delayed care:  Have you been affected by delays to your care, either because your appointment or treatment was delayed or postponed or because you decided to wait until the pandemic had eased before having your treatment or appointment?  Click here to tell us about your experiences and any decisions or changes you have made as a result.

Wellbeing:  Since the lockdown period due to Covid-19 began, people have made many changes to their lives and what they saw as “normal”. We would like to know more about the changes you made due to Covid-19, whether you think they are good for your wellbeing or not.

  • What have you STOPPED doing since the start of lockdown? (for example, you might have stopped travelling to work, smoking, or stopped eating healthily due to changing your routine)
  • What have you STARTED doing since the start of lockdown? (For example, you might have started taking daily exercise, reading more, or eating more chocolate!)

What do you feel about these changes?  Will there be things you will carry on?  How has the easing of lockdown rules affected you?

Click here to share your experiences

Source: Sussex NHS commissioners

Image Credits: K. Bird .


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