Icklesham shop to close


After months of campaigning, Icklesham’s only convenience store will be closing its doors for the final time at the end of March, due to lack of support.

Icklesham store, which is owned and run by Karen Clarke and Dexter Martin, was built at their home in Icklesham. Barrows with fruit and vegetables were kept along the side of the house and a shop was built at the back, next to the garden.

Since opening four years ago, the shop has been the hub of the community, where people could find out what is going on in the village, with listings for events, clubs, handymen, as well as operating as a useful convenience store for last minute goods and offering a service to pay bills. It was a place where people could meet others in the village, and for some residents, it was the only place that they could speak to another human being that day.

Since Aldi opened in Ore, the Icklesham shop has seen as much as 40% year on year losses and the decision was made this week to close the shop.

Ickleshams’s village Facebook page has been quick to express its sorrow. “I would like to thank Karen & Dex for their wonderful efforts in the last 4 years, for giving the community a shop and bringing the community together. Also for their donations to local children’s groups and the kindness they have shown to others. We wish them the very best for the future!”

Ashleigh Fraser said “It’s such a shame the shop is closing down. As a community we mustn’t forget the huge benefits the shop has given the village and how much it was needed in the first place. Young people from the village used to be employed there so it’s a real shame”.

Karen and Dex said “Thank you to all who have supported us over the past four years. We have welcomed so many residents and visitors to the shop and we have seen local children grow up.”

The final day’s trading for the store in Icklesham will be Thursday March 24.

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