I’m yours to play


At last, after months of preparation and planning you will shortly see five upright pianos strategically placed around the town.

You may recall the story, Rye News ran a wanted ad and five generous donors came forward, Bourne’s removals collected the pianos, Rye College students painted them and once in position we want YOU to play them, simples!!

Such a great design, such a lot of hard work – now ready for playing

One will be positioned adjacent to Knoops, Fine Hot Chocolate Shop on Hilders Cliff and further along you will find piano number 2 at the Lookout on the High Street. Continue to the Buttermarket where piano number 3 awaits, don’t despair this instrument is meant to be different to the rest.

You could be mistaken for thinking this naked piano has been overlooked, did the students run out of paint, is this an imposter I hear you cry?

No, for a bit of fun it was decided to keep piano number 3 white and give all our younger visitors the chance to dip their hands into ‘magic’ paint and sign the piano with their individual handprints. (Don’t be alarmed mums and dads, the paint washes off . . . eventually!).

Piano number 4 will be positioned outside The Ship Inn on Strand Quay and last but not least, if you venture down to Cinque Ports Street you will bump into piano number 5 outside Rye Retreat.

This completes our tour of the static quintet, all will be under gazebos, just in case the heavens open, the only missing ingredient is YOU, our budding impresarios to pull up a chair and do your thing and have some fun, that’s what makes this festival special.


Image Credits: Rye Jazz festival , Lauren Loveless .

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