A last push to save lives this year


Janet Waddams is leading another local campaign to send good quality winter clothes, bedding and other essential items to displaced people in desperate need in Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. With no sign of an end to the conflict, Samara’s Appeal, a Brighton based charity is asking for a bit more help which needs to be sent off by the end of November.

Children with one of the banana boxes sent as part of Samara's appeal
Children with one of the banana boxes sent as part of Samara’s appeal

For the last year, Rye has worked hard to support this local charity. Donations only last month included 100 banana boxes and bags of clothes, shoes, bedding, hand-knitted blankets and many other necessities. Samara wants to make a quick last trip as winter sets in.

To get involved in donating clothes, shoes, bedding and fundraising please contact Janet Waddams on 01797 214089 or at jwaddams@btinternet.com. The blanket knitters are also on the look out for spare wool or knitted squares which can be left at St Mary’s.



Photos: Samara’s Appeal

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