Life’s a gas


Early last Saturday morning (September 26), a small army of workmen clad in fluorescent green and orange safety gear descended on Rye, their mission, to replace a gas main on the Winchelsea Road from the Harbour Road turn off to the Kettle o’ Fish roundabout.

The works are scheduled to last three weeks from 26 September and the signs warn of major disruption but four way traffic lights are in operation and the works are well signposted. There’s never a good time to disrupt the flow of traffic into Rye but now seems as good a time as any, given the current circumstances.

On the negative side we all face three weeks of inconvenience but on the positive side, at least temporarily, it will slow vehicles and motorbikes as they approach Strand Quay.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. Having put up with poor roads in the Rye area for such a long time, it was very gratifying to see the A259 resurfaced. Such a pity a few months later to see it being dug up to replace gas pipes. The repairs after never seem to restore the suface to its former glory.

  2. I’d love someone to tell me why the roads are so bad in Rye, there are potholes and disrepair everywhere. Yet we pay much higher Council Tax living in Rye than when we lived in central London.

  3. That’s made me laugh Nick! – Yes there is a bit of inconvenience but no doubt the work needs to be done and yes it will slow the cars and bikes down! We can’t have everything now can we!


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