Local teenager speaks to Lib Dems


In March, a local Liberal Democrat from Rye, Dominic Buxton, gave his first ever speech at the Spring Party Conference in York during the ‘Britain and the EU’ emergency motion.

Throughout the speech, Dominic emphasised the importance of guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens to live and work in the United Kingdom after Brexit. Dominic retains both British and German citizenship, so getting this point across was especially important to him, personally.

He also mentioned that he was 16-years-old at the time of the EU referendum last year in June.

Being an EU national, Dominic said the following: “I much rather prefer a Europe that works together, sits around a table and debates issues, rather than pointing weapons at each other.” The two minute speech was followed by a huge round of applause and was described as passionate by conference attendees.   Source: Dominic Buxton

[Editor’s note: In speaking to a political party conference at the tender age of 16, Dominic is following in the footsteps of former Conservative leader and later Foreign Secretary,William Hague who gave a famous speech to the Conservative party conference at the same age, warning the then-leaders that by the time he was elected to parliament “you will all be gone”.]

Bejamin Lille

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