More RNLI drivers strengthen team


Monday 14 October was a significant day for RNLI Rye Harbour as two more tractor drivers, Bob Stavely and Stuart Clark, were assessed and passed out, making a very strong team of eight which can cover during the day and around the clock.

It is a vital role because the boat cannot launch without a tractor driver and the equipment must be maintained to a high standard at all times.

Tractor drivers take charge of the launch vehicle and rig during the launch and recovery of the inshore lifeboat for services and exercises under the direction of the Head Launcher or Helmsman; maintain competence under Competency Based Training (CoBT); and contribute to the operational efficiency of the station, lifeboats and equipment.

This assessment is a team effort because for it to happen there needed to be two launches which required shore crew and a boat crew. Volunteers were ready to give up a day off or took time off from work to enable it to happen.

It is a strong committed team at Rye Harbour with everyone encouraging each other to maintain this high level of training and assisting throughout the assessment.

Paul Watling, Assessor/Trainer Plant & Machinery, said: “It is good to see the commitment at Rye Harbour to this high standard of training. There are now eight trained and qualified tractor drivers and it is great to have this level of resilience to answer the station’s needs.”

Image Credits: kt bruce .

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