MP welcomes station cash


Local MP for Hastings and Rye, Sally-Ann Hart, has welcomed the news that £120,000 is to be invested in local railway stations across Hastings and Rye as part of the GTR Passenger Benefit Fund programme (PBF).

Following the announcement, Sally-Ann said “I am really pleased to see that GTR are putting a package together of £120,000 for four stations across the constituency, as compensation for their poor handling of the timetabling disaster of May 2018. It is only right that GTR are held to account for their poor performance back then, and I am pleased that passengers have been put at the heart of these schemes.”

The PBF is a fund of £15 million from GTR as compensation to passengers following the unacceptable performance of the introduction of the new timetable in May 2018. This fund will go towards tangible improvements for passengers, and these improvements include things like upgrades to PA systems, new seating, installations of defibrillators, improvements to signage, and cycling parking.

In the Hastings and Rye area four stations will each receive £30,000 for improvements, these stations are Ore, Rye, Three Oaks and Winchelsea. These schemes should all be completed by the end of September 2021.

Meeting passenger needs

Back in 2018, when the government announced it was holding GTR to account for their role following the introduction of the May 2018 timetable, it was agreed by MPs that passengers should be put at the heart of the fund. Many of the schemes that the money is being spent on have been decided, as much as possible, by the users of the stations. GTR collated ideas from passengers and, after consultation, determined what improvements the programme would fund.

“From defibrillators to new seating, better signage to cycle parking, these new improvements will bring tangible differences to these stations, and I am pleased to see there is an ambitious and short timetable to get them installed. I hope these go a small way to repay for the misery and mayhem caused back in 2018,” said Sally-Ann.

Source: Press release from the office of Sally-Ann Hart

Image Credits: John Minter .

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  1. After canvassing Rye commuters these was suggestions put forward by Rye Commuters reading this it does not look like many or any was actioned by Southern

    Need access to Ashford platform from other side of crossing on B2089
    Need more covered or secure cycle parking
    Need more car parking that is dedicated to rail users or commuters only ideallynwith electric charging points as we don’t have enough car parking spaces in summer months. Maybe change some of coach spacing into more car parking spaces or build multi-storey car park
    Wi-fi at Rye station
    Toilets that open when trains are running and lights in car park that work currently 4 lights need fixing
    Longer hybrid battery trains and cheaper fares to London on HS
    Lot more people are doing flexible working why still no flexible season tickets

    Also just checked this sent back on 18 October 2019 so it has taken a while for anything to happen at all

  2. Not saying this isn’t good news, but the verbatim printing of the MP’s press releases is getting a bit out of control. It’s Rye News, not Pravda.


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