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Normally, when driving along the Military Road, which runs from Rye to Appledore, there is something to see. Swans nest in the reeds, birds of prey view their next meal from atop the telegraph poles, flocks of sheep are in the fields just doing what sheep do, munching grass, and poppies grow along the verges.

It’s a lovely road to drive along, a favourite with bikers coming to Rye as the sections of straight road are beyond temptation for those bikers and speeding motorists who feel like “opening things up”  but two things struck me on my journey along the road on Sunday. Firstly, as I parked outside the Globe waiting to collect a friend, I witnessed the bottleneck which has been referred to in so many articles in Rye News.

I saw at first hand how the parking enforcement initiatives in Rye have made motorists look for free parking within walking distance of town. Military Road is now the new free car parking area. As I sat in my car, I watched the bottleneck in action: cars parked on both sides of the road and room for only one vehicle to pass in between. Who has right of way doesn’t seem to matter; it’s a battle of wits and more a case of “He who dares, wins” as Del Boy might have said.

Being a resident along this stretch of road must be a nightmare, and it’s a situation which will probably only change after a major incident has occurred but lets hope something is done before then.

The burnt out Mini convertible on Military Road

Towards the Appledore end of Military Road there is a pull in and parked up is the remains of a burnt out Mini. Rye News has been asked to find out about the circumstances surrounding this vehicle but all our enquiries have come to nothing. The tape attached to the vehicle isn’t the usual “Police Aware” tape. I assume they are aware of the vehicle, but does anyone know what has happened here? If you could enlighten us, please contact Rye News at Thank you.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. The parking along both sides of the Military Road near The Globe has been a bottle neck for many years. Globe customers dodge around traffic and round the parked cars where they themselves have parked. (Don’t know where else Globe customers would park!) I tried to park near the Globe with a disabled passenger a few years ago. I had to double park to see her in. Nice pub. A bit stressful to go to!

    • Why can’t The Globe customers park in the car park on Fishmarket Road? Surely if you can afford to have lunch or dinner at The Globe you can spend a few pounds on parking. And if carrying a disabled passenger who has the Blue Badge you can park for free.


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