Nigel Farage drops in


The ex-MEP Nigel Farage, and Brexit campaigner, is now working as a broadcaster according to an article in the Daily Mirror on May 1 and as a key worker, a spokesman confirmed, the lockdown rules do not apply to him.

His mission was to make a film about immigrants on a beach and he travelled 100 miles to Pett, and then Hastings, where he interviewed members of the public. The interviews were later used on LBC radio.

However, Sussex Police reminded him that the public should be staying at home for their own safety and the safety of others and not making non-essential journeys.

Downing Street later clarified that the exemption covered journalists who are “informing and communicating with the public on the coronavirus crisis”.

Large numbers of migrants from France continue to cross the Channel in small boats during the pandemic and have been regularly detained on beaches between Winchelsea and Hastings by Border Force staff and others.

Image Credits: Gage Skidmore .

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  1. The final paragraph of this piece is not good enough on a site which should inform people – “large numbers” and “regularly“ will mean different things to different people. So this just fuels speculation and fear – what are the numbers?

  2. Totally agree with Sandy Rodger. From Nigel Farage’s perspective 1 immigrant is too many. He is one of the most divisive ex politicians in the UK so whatever he says must be critically examined, otherwise you give the impression of agreeing with him.

  3. The problem is Sandy,the truth always prevails in the end, whether you or paul like what Nigel farage has to say on this continuous nightly breaching of our shores,the truth of the matter,and its being reported today,another 120 plus,always prevails in the end.

  4. With a full moon and perfect weather it was inevitable that a huge number would cross. I’m surprised it’s not the main story or are we just supposed to ignore this, can I use the word, invasion.

  5. It’s ironic, that today we are celebrating 75 years of stopping foreigners invading our shores, yet every night these past few weeks we haven’t manage to stop illegal immigrants arriving by the same method ! By all accounts, another 150 were picked up last night.

  6. Farage is clearly not a key worker and he’s on his normal mission of stirring up hatred and xenophobia.
    Why doesn’t he just stay at home like the rest and stop boring us with his endless campaign against immigrants.

  7. It’s ironic, that on Friday we celebrated 75 years of defeating an ideology that glorified the prejudice and hatred against others, yet every day these past few weeks we read of people in this country whose mindset is increasingly aligned with that same ideology. To quote Aldous Huxley: That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.
    I didn’t celebrate VE Day, as I am ashamed and embarrassed by the many today who are undermining everything that our countrymen fought and died for in WWII.

    • Dominic Manning, put so well. The far right are rising again as we see nationalism, the very thing that our country fought to oppose.

  8. Its sad as if some think its okay to belittle Nigel Farage, and as usual they come out with the usual drivel, he is highlighting a serious problem,which will not go away,until we are swamped, with all kinds of issues, this started with Blair opening our borders, and don’t get me wrong, the present government are too scared to act,as the usual racist card will be thrown in their faces.

  9. Who confirms he is a key worker? His own spokesman? That is not a confirmation of anything, it is (successful) self-promotion and self-propaganda! Farage is not a proper journalist – he is a commentator who makes things up and spouts ‘facts’ with no third party verification. A half-decent media company employing Farage would sack him as the Times sacked our now Prime Minister for making thing up! But then the likes of Farage and Tommy Robinson have seen how a career of proven mendacity in journalism did Johnson no harm and indeed created the myth that propelled the previously fired liar to the top job!


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