Lifeboat in yacht rescue


The pagers went off in the early hours of September 15 in Rye Harbour.
HM Coastguard had been alerted to a stranded yacht with two people on board which had run out of fuel. The night was clear and the waters were calm.

In response to the Coastguard alert the lifeboat was launched at 2:45am with Trevor Bryant as Helm. The 10-metre yacht was two and a half miles south west of the harbour and the crew made contact quickly with the skipper, ascertaining that he had run out of fuel and was unable to weigh anchor as he had no power. The inshore lifeboat Hello Herbie II returned to the harbour and collected enough diesel to enable the yacht to reach Eastbourne.

Tony Edwards, LOM ( Lifeboat Operations Manager) said: “The RNLI always advises skippers to check that they have enough fuel to complete their journey safely before setting off. Our volunteer crew once again helped to keep people safe on the water.”

Image Credits: ky Bruce .

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