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Stuck between parked car and bollard

A badly parked car below the Landgate arch caused delay on Tuesday afternoon June 4. The Camber, Lydd and Dover bound 102 service bus departing Rye station at 3:02pm was prevented from navigating round the steep bend into Landgate.

Passengers on the bus sat for over half an hour in frustration at the impasse whilst vehicles queued back beyond Tower Street and into Cinque Ports Street. When the driver of the small black Volkswagen failed to show up, attention was turned to the removal of the bollard outside the former John Bragg antiques shop. Eventually, the bollard was prised over sufficiently to allow careful passage past the obstacle.

This corner has seen many similar incidents in the years since parking enforcement ceased to be practised in the town.

Carol Macdonald writes on the same incident: Heading up the high street to buy a wee gift and then stopped dead for 15 minutes. The reason a silver car so badly parked that a lorry and a van and quite a few cars could not turn into Rye’s high street.

Another incident where one car causes chaos

A short while later I was driving from the car park in Cinque Ports Street when my daughter phoned to say that I would not be able to exit Rye as a bus was stalled, turning the corner from Tower Street into Landgate. Another case of extremely selfish and bad parking this jam lasted a little over 20 minutes. Should Rye have red street markings and if so who would police it?

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird , Carol Macdonald .


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